MartinLogan sound: Don’t leave the house without it.

You enjoy superior MartinLogan audio inside your home, now enjoy it outside, with MartinLogan's Outdoor Living Audio System.

Rugged, all-weather materials, completely weather- and water-proof construction, and endless mounting and placement options make MartinLogan's Outdoor Living Audio System the best way to expand the reach of your high performance audio entertainment.

The innovative MartinLogan audio technologies you love, built into a durable, scalable exterior audio system, create a distinctive outdoor space for family and friends.

It's only natural to expect this level of performance from MartinLogan.

All-Weather Satellite Speakers

Each individual satellite speaker is a sealed, completely waterproof enclosure, molded in fade-resistant thermoplastic and tinted to blend unobtrusively with your outdoor decor. It features exclusive MartinLogan speaker technology, with premium driver and tweeter components in a single wide-dispersion shell casing. Outdoor Living speakers deliver a dynamic, natural sound unmatched by other outdoor loudspeakers.

Outdoor Sat 40

$299.95 each

Outdoor Sat 60

$549.95 each

All-Weather Subterranean Subwoofers

Outdoor Living subwoofer enclosures disappear just below the surface of the ground, with only its unobtrusive “mushroom cap” port visible. The enclosure is constructed of high-density polyethylene, the same material that ensures a long life for underground water systems. This enclosure can withstand flooding rains and wild temperature extremes, and has been successfully tested underwater and in environments from -20°F to 185°F.

The woofer’s low-heat design is vented through the “mushroom cap,” providing a constant flow of fresh air while always protecting the system from harsh weather and water. The flared port system, combined with our polypropylene cone woofer and a high-intensity magnet structure, adds deep, musical bass to the whole area with no chuffing or extraneous vibration. Bury the subwoofer nearby, or install it under your decking, and add a surprisingly vibrant low end to your outdoor entertainment.

Dynamo Outdoor
Sub 100

$1,699.95 each

Dynamo Outdoor
Sub 120

$2,399.95 each

Plan a Scalable System

Outdoor Living speakers are scalable. Unlike many other systems, you can start with just a pair of satellites and a subwoofer, and expand the system as your needs change, or as your budget allows. An Outdoor Living system can fit any size space, large or small, for ultimate flexibility.

Quick Connect System

Mount the speakers on the ground, on a deck rail, in a tree, or under an eave. The half-inch threaded “Quick Twist Cap” mount works universally with all three speaker mounts: 12" Ground Stake, wire-protecting Burial Conduit Junction, or Surface Mount Bracket for decks and walls. These mounting options give you the flexibility to “plant” these satellites anywhere to get the sound coverage you desire.

12" Ground Stake

$35 each

Surface Mount Bracket

$50 each

Burial Conduit Junction

$40 each

Crown Amplifier with Custom Settings

The scalable Outdoor Living system can be powered using the Crown Amplifier, direct from MartinLogan. The Crown Amplifier comes pre-loaded with the correct settings to accommodate many different speaker setups.

Crown Amplifier CDi 1000

$1,099 each

The Crown Amplifier can also be purchased from your favorite audio dealer, and pre-sets can be downloaded from our website. Or, power your Outdoor Living system using the 8 ohm amplifier of your choice. Use the chart below to dial-in the correct volt-tap settings that match the number of speakers, subwoofers, length of wire, and amplifier used in your Outdoor Living system.

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